Odyssey Vs. Beowulf

Odyssey Vs. Beowulf

Odyssey Vs. Beowulf

Odyssey Vs. Beowulf: Basically, an epic hero could refer to the central figure on which the story revolves around hence, elaborating on the heroic values and character traits of given individuals within the society. The authors critically analyze the specific traits of various persons who could be possessing unique characters, which enable the society to learn on the possible strengthens and weaknesses of humanity especially based on natural aspects.

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However, we see Beowulf and Gilgamesh die at the end while Odysseus survives to the last stage as he takes his rightful place as the king. This enables get to learn that despite of our human strengths and powers, the entire human race is mortal and therefore very vulnerable to death and great suffering.

Bjork, Robert E, and John D. Niles. A Beowulf Handbook. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1997. 138. Print.

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