Ocean Zones, Dissolved Gases, & Treasure Hunting

The ocean is divided into three commonly known layers. The different layers exist as a result of variation in certain characteristics that work together thus resulting in different densities. These varying characteristics include temperature, pressure and salinity (Soloviev & Lukas, 2014). For instance, cold water has a higher density compared to the warm water. Salty water is also denser than the fresh water. As such cold salty water will sink below the warm fresher waters of the oceans.

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The discoveries of the deep hadal trenches or the underwater deep scattering layer were first made in the World War I thus sparking a lot of research (Jamieson et al., 2010). However, the secrets of the hadal acoustics remained top secret especially during the World War II (Jamieson et al., 2010).

Rollinson, H. R. (2007). Early Earth systems: A geochemical approach. Malden, MA: Blackwell Pub.

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