Obesity is not a disease

Obesity is not a disease

Obesity is not a disease.

Obesity is not a disease: Obesity is a community problem, and not merely a disease. Communities have in the past engaged in various community projects to maintain good health according to the Healthy People 2020 objective.

Obesity is a major and complex uncertainty that faces many communities. Such communities have engaged in community projects such as: increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, improving social connections, improving physical activity and property values, decreasing obesity, and diabetes or food expenditures.

The magnitude of obesity resulting from lifestyle and eating habits is very costly and huge. Many people have died because of these challenges, and therefore there have been an intense community needs assessment to identify a proper community strategy and project to help

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The manner in which we pick up after falling victim to diseases. Will determine if we succeed in whatever we do. The society helps an individual in fully exploiting their potential.

The yardstick has also been put for us, incase our friends contract obesity, shall we watch them fall or be the straw that they clutch on. Whichever way it goes, we need to help and be there for people with obesity.

Therefore, obesity is not a disease like any other that is diagnosed and treated in health facilities, but a community problem that requires both individual and community efforts to address.

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