Obesity contributing factors to bullying in children

Obesity contributing factors to bullying in children

Obesity contributing factors to bullying in children.

Obesity contributing factors to bullying in children: Obesity among children is a contentious issue that is prevalent in the United States of America and the world at large. It is linked to many negative repercussions in the social and psychological lives of young children like hostility from the peer groups.

On the other hand, the relationship between obesity and bullying still remains indistinct. Studies have revealed that obese children between the ages of 10-15 years were at greater risks of being victims of bullying and peer victimization that normal weight peers.

The bullying victims encounter oppression attitudes from their peers like kicking, pushing, isolation, friendship withdrawals, awkward name calling and teasing, hitting and spreading lies.

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issue of obesity and bullying in young children. Beginning from change in the eating habits like taking food high in calories and sugar levels. Teachers and parents should ensure that children get enough exercise both school and at home. To metabolize and burn the fatty acids to be converted into useful energy required by the body.

The government has a role to play by putting in place regulations and laws. That prohibit advertising or promotion of foods and drinks that may cause health related problems like obesity.

The government should also set up mandatory psychiatric programs in schools to assist the victims of obesity. As they have a difficult time to cope with the trauma and stigma from their peers.


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