Nutrition:Through post and readings in the classroom, students were able to understand that it is crucial to check and seek the amount calories required by an individual from a health nutritionist or a doctor depending on the body mass index. The level of food consumption among male is much higher because there are active than female.

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There are different recommendation for the category and the quality of food consumed taken by an individual, but there is a standardized recommended formula per week. The individual is expected to 2.5 cups of dark green vegetables, 2.5 dry peas and beans, 7 cups of orange vegetable, 7 cups of starchy vegetables and 5.5 of another vegetable on a weekly basis.

It is crucial to developing a schedule to ensure they are taking a balanced diet, especially among people with malnutrition problem. The diet improves by increasing vegetables and fruit intake and at the same time reduce the level of iodine consumption. Sometimes people have a poor eating habit and eat for the purpose of satisfying hunger

Health has become a major concern and the importance of maintaining a nutritious eating habit reduce the health complications arise from poor eating habits.

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