Nursing Theory

Nursing Theory

Nursing Theory

Nursing theory is creative structuring of ideas that provide knowledge in the nursing field (Kollak & Kim, 2006). The nursing professional has developed today, and it has moved from dependence on the overall medical profession to become an independent practice with its own nursing theory practice. Nursing theories have been developed by many leaders in the nursing field, and their contributions have made the nursing professional to evolve to a great extent (McKenna, 2006). The nursing theories are divided into three groups; grand theories, middle theories and nursing practice theories. The grand theories have a wide scope and describe the general concept and recommendations.

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The model develops a nursing process that shows that nursing healthcare should be based on the patients’ response towards health. The model has been useful in developing programs that deal with life conditions such as HIV/AIDs and handling cancer patients. It also used in nursing research, and it has enabled researchers to develop different environment stimuli, conceptualize questions and organize data. In conclusion, the model has contributed largely towards the improvement of healthcare in nursing and enhanced better patient care and ultimately improved quality of life.

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