Nurse Practitioner in the Elderly and Hospice Population

Nursing of any kind is generally thought of as maternal, but whether or not an individual nurse possesses comforting instincts doesn’t necessary make him or her a better nurse practitioner. Nevertheless, there are certain aspects of nursing in which a comforting, nurturing personality can be essential, and one of those specialisms is hospice nursing. A hospice nurse practitioner works precisely with patients who have decided upon hospice care as a result of life-limiting illness, though in a popular dialect may be referred to as terminal illness. (Cohen, 2008, p. 66). The paper seeks to focus on factors and issues to consider when working as a nurse practitioner with patients in the elderly population with hospice care.

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Above all, as far as hospice care is concerned, compassion is the most essential skill for any hospice nurse to possess. Regardless of age, a life-limiting prognosis can result in a major emotional and psychological impact on patients and their families. For this reason, all members of any hospice care team must be willing to handle such patients in both professional and compassionate manner. This includes assisting family members on how to take care of patients.

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