Nuclear Waste

Nuclear Waste

Nuclear Waste

The explosion that occurred on February where gallon drums, if the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant nuclear waste were buried deep in the salt shaft, led to the closure of the facility for months. In addition, the incidence raised questions on the Department of Energy’s ability to keep tabs on the content of nuclear container that were buried at the site. Hence, experts assert that the risk of an additional eruption is real and had several effects on 21 workers who were in exposure to low-level doses of radiation (Lopez 85).

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In summary, Department of Energy confirms that about 4 percent of the waste at Waste Isolation Pilot Plant is more radioactive that it can give human beings a deadly dose of ration in a short period which can be handle using robotics. Waste Isolation Pilot Plant was accepting a large amount of most radioactive material. Therefore, managers at the plant had to cope with incomplete manifests from the site sending radioactive material.

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