Norway is one of the European’s nations that is situated in the western Part of northern Europe. The country is also on the northern section of the Scandinavian Peninsula and also borders the inlet to the south, North Sea in southwest, the Barents Sea to the northeast and the Atlantic Ocean to the north. The country border Sweden by land to the east, Finland to the northern east as well as Russia to the far northeast.

The country does not only have one of the longest shapes but also possess one of the roughest coastlines in the world. Along its cavernous coastline, Norway has 50, 0000 islands. The Country’s mainland can be located at 13° latitude spreading out from 58°N to some distance that greater than 71°N. Norway also covers longitudes between 5°E in Solund to 31°E in Vardo.

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The transports system in Norway is quite established in the urban areas more than in the rural areas. This is normally because the rural areas have low population density compared to the urban areas. The public transport system has a large number of buses, ferries and trains. The country has an immense number of transport companies some of which specialize in long distance travel while other specialize in short distance travels.

The transport system has also integrated technology and thus introduced a transport web portal where travelers can source information regarding the departures and arrivals of buses, trains, ferries as well as plane. The web portal is and the dedicated communication/telephone support line is 177. Tickets are usually sold in kiosks, ticket machines as well as in the stations and are usually cheaper if bought in advance than when purchased while on board.


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