Northridge California Earthquake of 1994

Northridge California Earthquake of 1994

Northridge California Earthquake of 1994

On January 17, 1994 a fateful earthquake shook the northwest of the then downtown Los Angeles where it caused sixty deaths, more than 9000 injuries as well as a property damage that was estimated to be more than twenty billion dollars. The magnitude of this earthquake was 6.7 with aftershocks. The aftershocks were greater than M6.0 lasting a presumed ten seconds (Trifunac, M. D, 2009, p.385). Much later after the Northridge event, it is believed that the earthquake would have been a far worse tragedy after finding the magnitude of the shake. Twenty years later, it is crucial to learn how modern science has advanced. So as to ensure that the civilians are protected from similar quakes or warned in time.

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In conclusion, the government has been challenging the building owners to build earthquake-resistant buildings that have already been approve by architects as practical and cost-effective. Further, scientific advancements have led to new insurance and financial systems. So as to improve the ability as well as predict the outcomes of the future earthquakes especially in areas such as Northridge California and other areas that are prone to earthquakes.

Spittal, M. J., McClure, J., Siegert, R. J., & Walkey, F. H. (2008). Predictors of two types of earthquake preparation: survival activities and mitigation activities.Environment and Behavior.

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