Data normalization refers to the data attribute within a data model that are organized to increase the cohesion of entity type. The intention of data normalization is to cut and eliminate data redundancy that is an important consideration for application developers because it is incredible difficult to store information in a relational database that provide information in several places. This paper seek to provide a summary of the three form of normalization in describing ways of putting data type into a series of increasing level of normalization.

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Majority scalability improvements can gain by restructuring the web application data into multiple independent data services with access to private data store.  Simplification of each database workload allows much more efficient through the use of classical techniques. In a business setting, Denormalizing is used in creating temporal data.  For instance, an invoice is created that links to the product. Whenever a customer asks for the original copy later, a business uses database normalization to update the product name, price and description (Kung & Tung, 2006, p.  84).

Elmasri, R. (2008). Fundamentals of database systems. Pearson Education India.
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