Nineteenth Century Imperialism

Nineteenth Century Imperialism

Nineteenth century imperialism.

Nineteenth century imperialism: Imperialism has remained the most commanding force in the history of the world over the past five centuries. This is because of its nature of oppressing indigenous peoples, carving up whole continents, and demolishing entire civilizations.

In spite of these, imperialism is hardly given any serious attention by political leaders, media commentators, or academics. It has not been absolutely ignored; instead, it has been sanitize as a subject.

The empires have become commonwealths, and colonies have become dominions or territories. Interventions of imperialism are now matters of national security, national defense,

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These cross interests and cross conviction intensified the physical struggle of the white races. For these reasons, we can conclude that the 19th century imperialism did not abide with the discerned set of rules.

As long as we still regard imperialism from the point of view of the English exclusively, or any one particular country, the rationale will continually eludes us. Imperialism is crucial to the maintenance of countries struggle.

This selects the most efficient of fittest and quickens vigor, that every competitor is stimulate to dedicate its effort of similar feelings concerning the destiny, superiority, and imperial duties and rights of their country, like the imperialist Englishman tolerates regarding his country, England. This is exactly what we seem to get. Therefore, imperialism did not actually abide by a discernible set of rules in terms of how and why these empires operated


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