New Welfare System

New Welfare System

New Welfare System

The welfare system is a mechanism that allows the government to assist individuals when they are unemployed and cannot cater to the basic expenses that they encounter such as food. The welfare system is only available in developed nations such as the United States, European countries, and Australia.

The new welfare system that i would design would be composed of a means through which a higher number of genuine cases of individuals that are in need could be supported through the welfare system. There are individuals that might hold the qualification that they would need to get a good job, but would still be unable to secure good jobs.

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The new welfare system would result in positive changes within the population in which it has been tested. The individuals that have registered for welfare would probably reduce with the program. The application seeks to offer support to the members of the different communities; while ensuring that those individuals try and improve their status. Challenges would be experienced in issues relating to registration of individuals as some individuals who are already working or have some source of income would try and get on welfare. At the beginning of the new system administration, there might be challenges with the speed of system due to too many users trying to use the system at one time.

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