New Testament

New Testament

New Testament

The New Testament is the second rebirth of the Old Testament with vivid explanation of the era after Jesus Christ. The New Testament came to replace the law given to Moses and renounce the Living God to all corners of the world. Equally, it elaborates on Jesus’ life on earth and all He did to cleanse and prepare people for the second coming of God. He brought salvation to humanity and washed away all the sins that could involve sacrifices and other ritual traditions.

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It is an international hub for Christians because of its association with Jesus thus very relevant to believers. Equally, it was a living village for other disciples such as Peter, John, Andrew and James. Further, the village is sixteen kilometers from Tiberius and the best fishing hub for most Galileans. The city was founded in the second century B.C and later abandoned for 1000 years (Jo, 2003). Fortunately, the archaeologists rediscovered the city in the 1800s and provided clear information that is very helpful to present dates.

Goggin, T. (2000). Commentary on Saint John the apostle and evangelist. Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of America Press.

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