Neurobiology and Social Work

Neurobiology and Social Work

Neurobiology and Social Work

Clinical social work is a profession that utilizes theories and methods learned in a class of treatment and prevention so as to provide behavioral healthcare services. The patients in question could be suffering from mental health and other drug and substance abuse disorders. A good clinical social work must possess knowledge on biological, psychological and social development.

The knowledge is vital in ensuring efficient service delivery to the clients who constitute individuals, couples, families and groups. As a trained clinical social worker, one has the mandate of keeping track of the social aspects of their client’s healthcare. The services of the clinical social work are mandatory since apart from the medical problems faced by many people, there are social aspects revolving around the same healthcare problems. The clinical social worker is needed to provide guidance on how to prevent medical problems that might arise in the course of the treatment. The skills do come in handy when the social worker has to fit into the patient’s life and monitor their progress. They have to empathize with the patient especially those suffering from terminal diseases such as cancer.

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Considering the nature of work done by a clinical social worker, there is a need to be able to regulate their amygdala to assist in the provision of services to the clients. There is a tendency of encountering clients who could be hostile. Hence, There is the need to be able to control the negative emotional responses that may ensue in the course of discharging their duties.

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