Networks and Internetworking System Design

Networks and Internetworking System Design

Networks and Internetworking System Design.

Networks and Internetworking System Design: To plan a well secured network, features such as assortment of software and hardware skills, arrangement of mechanisms and the topology and position of hosts within the network should be put into consideration.

My paper will explore some of concerns in designing a secure Local Area Network (LAN) and some of the best recommended practices by security experts. The network is designe to serve Solrd  Campus, Nordy campus and Terit campus.

My goal: to study security issues mostly found in Local Area Network set up for the campuses and to identify the best practices from the viewpoint of the network architectures.

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expect to exercise careful planning. And consideration to detail to maximize the security of the network to the communication needs of the campuses. This is to ensure that economic, cultural, ethical, social, legal requirements are met.

No outside sources are expecte to have access of the network as this would lead to ethical and cultural degradation. Secure network is therefore aime to spell less training time, increase productivity, decrease anxiety, increase connectivity between campuses as well as ease of record keeping.

Data will be produce by application of software in Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook, and Window 2000. Other supported sources will include Window 2000 Accessories, Media Player, Photoshop and NetMeeting. Network is strictly accessible by the only three campuses.


Comer, D. E. (2005). Network systems design: Using network processors : Intel IXP 2xxx version. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Pearson/Prentice Hall.

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