Network consultation for design IT

Network consultation for design IT

Network consultation for design IT

We offer our clients everything for their networking and computer wants. Our customers’ needs come first (McCabe, 2007), we consult with them to design a wide area, and local area network system for their operations centers, headquarters, and additional set-ups. Our services also comprise accessing and enactment of disaster management and recovery as well as storage of backups.

These are crucial IT necessities for any company or business especially, where the surroundings pose a danger to the data network systems. We counsel our clients on the best stratagems for uninterrupted operations, redundancy, and off-site data storing.

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Microsoft Office 2010 professional comprising of word, excel, publisher, power point, access, one note, and outlook will be a preference. Additional data sources with support will be Windows 7 accouterments. However, network access will be strictly from within the vicinity, not from outside the facility.

A firewall’s use will prevent unauthorized users from accessing the data. Moreover, antivirus and antimalware will ensure the system’s protection is optimal. Some measures of security to effect include each user securing his or her account with a password of choice following the company’s set guidelines (Ciampa, 2012).


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