Nelson Mandela as a hero

Nelson Mandela as a hero

Nelson Mandela as a hero.

Nelson Mandela as a hero: The term hero is used to refer to a man who is admired by many for his brave acts and wonderful qualities. When the name of such a person is mentioned, people see a legendary figure that is built of strength and qualities.

Not every admired person can be considered as a hero; one must meet a certain criterion that defines heroism (Stengel 49). Such criterion is defined by such characters as strength and ability, achievements, determination and courage.

This paper will consider Nelson Mandela as a hero and discuss why Mandela is regarded as a legendary public figure based on the criterion that defines heroism. To determine whether Mandela is hero, this paper will focus on Mandela’s life in order to determine his achievements,

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Mandela did not bow down at one time and accept injustice so that he could be set free from prison. Mandela decided not to revenge against the oppressors for the good of all people living in South Africa.

This was an inspirational leadership because he negotiated well with the oppressors in order to ensure that there was a constitution that supported democracy and ended racism and injustices.

In addition, despite the sacrifice he made for personal and national liberation, Mandela only served the presidency for only one term during which he spent time unifying a divided nation. Not many people can have such qualities which made Mandela a hero.

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