Negative effects of technology on social skills

With the introduction of technology, the world virtually became more flexible and easier to live. The day to day living was enhanced, science became advanced, diseases that were rather untreatable became treatable, movement from place to place was eased, and communication became highly advanced. The enhancement of communication turned the world from a vast globe into a small village-like setting. People from far and unreachable places began communicating with others. Relationships are forged easily than it was in the past. It has become easy to locate a long-lost friend through technology. The world has consistently become mobile where people keep on moving. The time and space obstacle was overcome through technology.

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This generation has therefore become less communicative with each other through physical contact. Technology causes immediate satisfaction to individuals, but it leads to long-term suffering to the development of social skills. Communication with others has drastically changed, but it’s for the worst. The relationship with others has suffered, and it’s all because of technology.

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