Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment.

Needs Assessment: With the introduction of the new national education policy in 1977, guidance and counseling became a major problem in our schools. Since then, guidance and counseling has been a regular topic in our daily conferences and seminars.

Baker (2000) stressed its importance in our educational system and the priority to be given to it in schools because of its usefulness in transition at different stages of education. Furthermore, Dahir emphasized the need for proper guidance programs in schools if the current national policy on education is to have the desired impact.

Given our educational and rapid economic growth there is an unyielding need for guidance and counseling in our education policy. Each student needs to be helped to strengthen their ability to make good choices found in society those who fall by the wayside by physical, intellectual or emotional dimensions in particular the need guidance and counseling.

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The general public tends to see counseling as a corrective function and emphasizes the immediate objectives such as problem solving, stress reduction and the like. Consultants may refer to the resolution of a particular conflict or problem situation.

Advice on the spirit and essence is generative which aims to help the individual to develop in such a way that it becomes psychologically mature and able to realize their potential optimally. The high school guidance needs a realistic, meaningful framework, constituent practical reference to short-term nature of school counseling


American School Counselor Association (ASCA). (1996). Advocacy, alliances and partnerships: The role of the school counselor. Alexandria, VA: Author.

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