Native Son

Native Son

Native Son

“He had lived and died in an intolerable bitterness of spirit and it frightened me…to see how powerful and overflowing this bitterness could be and to realize that this bitterness was now mine.” (Jones & Baldwin, 2014)

These words indicate the influence that a parent has over his or her child. The first role model of a child is his or her parent. In this sense, an individual’s character is shaped and influenced by his or her parent. In the story, the writer feels that he has become as bitter as his father. Throughout the writer’s life, his father has always given him bitter advice. The writer remarks that his father was a bitter man and ill-tempered. His father spent most of his time keeping them away from other people since his father hated every living soul. The writer remarks that his father hated and feared his children because they had adopted the world that he despised. The writer thus became bitter because of his father’s hatred and he had the same perspective of people just like his father.

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Parents influence the character of their children. The writer feels that he is becoming bitter just like his father. He is fearful that the bitterness he is developing will kill him the same way that it killed his father. In the story, the writer has a poor relationship with his father and they hardly communicate.

Jones, E. P., & Baldwin, J. (2014). Notes of a native son. Boston, Mass: Beacon Press.

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