Native American History

Native America history stretches back several centuries and still continues to hitherto. There are as many climates as there are tribes where the indigenous populations in America left their indelible mark in the form of traditions, records, as well as artifacts made by the white explorers. Native American history started way before the European explorers stepped on the American soil. The history deals with different tribal cultures as far north as the modern day Canada, to Indians in Mexico and Peru.

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The two are credited with starting the civilizing process. At this time, there was growing support for education aided with the increased wave of immigration from Europe. This is evidenced by the standard set of practices and cultural values held in common by the Native Americans (Swanton 312). On the issue of cultural identity, many Americans, especially the American Indians see language as the main identifier to their identity. More often than not, they find themselves questioning whether one can really be an American without speaking their language.


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