National security and privacy

National security and privacy

National security and privacy

Protecting national security is by far more critical as compared to privacy. One of the sources of pride for the United States and all who inhabit it is the freedom that prevails. At times, the government may invade personal privacy to protect the broader national security and other citizens. While any person has the right to stay free from government control of their own lives, the government, in turn, has the prerogative of ensuring that personal reasons do not compromise national security.

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He further explains that protecting citizens is an obligation as well as a right of the government. Thomas also demonstrates that there should be a fine line between the maintenance of peace and order, and what citizens would have to tolerate to have the same peace and order. Laws should cover government administration, communications, credit, video, cable, bank, health, motor vehicle, children, telecommunications, education, financial data, but generally carving out disclosure of personal information, and other orders to obtain the information..

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