Napoleon : The ideology of enlightened despotism developed during European enlightenment, were rulers were required to lead with characteristic and ideology of enlightenment.   Napoleon aim was to develop a better society using absolute rule to enforce a system of improvement, where he exhibited classic example and enlightened despot through his attempt to expand religious peace, social reforms and political centralization.

He followed typical enlightened despot attitude in promoting religious peace by acknowledging there was an increased internal turmoil.  The increased turmoil was as a result of the separation stuck between the government and the church at the beginning of French revolution.

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Napoleon granted French citizens natural rights, which was the main purpose of the revolution for the purpose of establishing a better society by embracing moral leadership quality during France revolution to bring out ideas and assist people. He became the most effect reformer and statesman spreading the ideals of French revolution throughout monarchical Europe, where he lead a series of campaigns of conquest.

He was capable of controlling the country through nationalism leadership style, facilitating the expansion of government support among people.  Napoleon was a secularism leader, who was willing to adjacent the gap between the government and the church.

Work Cited
Maliks, Reidar. Kant’s Politics in Context. Corby: Oxford University Press, 2014. Print.

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