Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on supramolecular, molecular, and atomic scale. It is the technological goal involving manipulation of atoms and molecules for fabrication of macro-scale products, which is also known as molecular nanotechnology.

According to National Nanotechnology initiative, nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter with one or more dimensions sized between one and one hundred nanometers (Whitesides). As stated by the above definition, nanotechnology reflects the fact that quantum mechanical effects are important in the 1-100 quantum-realm scale. Thus, this reflection shifts the definition to a research category. It includes all types of research and technologies dealing with the properties of matter occurring below a given threshold.

Nanotechnology includes fields of science. Which, is as diverse as organic chemistry, semiconductor physics, surface science and microbiology among other fields. As such, the associated research and application are also diverse. They range from development of new materials with dimensions on nanoscale to control of matter directly on an atomic scale. Scientists argue that through nanotechnology, creation of new materials and devices with a broad range of applications (Bhattacharyya, Singh and Satnalika). These applications are in the following fields; electronics, biomaterials energy production, consumer products and medicine. Therefore, this paper focuses on the application and risks of nanotechnology.

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In conclusion, advancement in nanotechnology has greatly enhanced humanity’s living standards. However, it is evident that the development can be in use as a tool of destruction. Therefore, due care to avoid any accidents whether intended or circumstantial in the development of nanotechnology should be taken.

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