Myths and a reality of crime

Question of what is crime warrants various answers, but the most straightforward answer defines crime as any activity that is against the law. According to Barkan & Bryjak (2009) time and space varies the definition of the crime. According to different experts, crime definition is shaped by the cultural values, norms and practices of a given society. The political orientation of a particular area also determines the answer to what is a crime (Jarrell & Ozymy, 2012). Therefore, crime perception differs from one society to another.

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These stereotypes and believes are used when determining people criminal propensity. Unfortunately, they are used in court proceeding where people of a certain group appear to be discriminated because of their orientation to given socio class. Nonetheless, myths and people attitudes continue to influence the societal crime definition.

Barkan, S., & Bryjak, G. (2009). Myths and realities of crime and justice. Sudbury, Mass.: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

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