Mythology refers to a collection of myths. We can consider the Beowulf poem as some kind of myth due to the context and setting of the story. It is an old English poem of heroic nature which was considered as one of the most significant works of Anglo-Saxon literature.

This paper will look at how the poem portrays Beowulf as somewhat heroic. It will be set to prove why Beowulf is considered heroic by relating to the deeds that he was performing throughout the context of the poem.

This poem can be said to explore the heroic actions in two different ways which is through youth and age. We will also see it being portrayed as a result of the three conflicts with the dragon, Grendel and Grendel’s mother (Heaney, 2000).

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Rather than a mindful choice, the battle can be understood as a sense in that there was very little choice and freewill for Beowulf. Additionally, it is difficult to guilt him for performing accordingly which was influenced by his heroic warrior ways.

Even during his sacrifice for the peoples good, we can view this as somewhat heroic because not everyone can be that brave to the point of sacrificing themselves (Heaney, 2000).

We can say that Beowulf is at most the greatest hero as seen in the poem. His actions pretty much humble those of the other characters. And that is we can comfortably agree that he was one of the best.


Heaney, S. (2000). Beowulf: A new verse translation. New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux.

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