My Service learning experience

My Service learning experience

My Service learning experience

When it is time for mentoring, a mentee gains crucial lessons for personal development both socially and career wise. I was both a mentee and mentor in my service-learning. After completing the required volunteering hours, a deep belief of making our world better made me realize my purpose in impacting society. The service experience showed me that helping and volunteering to enrich children’s lives and brighten up their future is essential and rewarding.

Helping advance children’s lives through education has become very significant to me and will not cease doing in the future. The paper outlines and discusses comprehensively the valuable experience of the volunteer work at Technology Solutions.

We were expected to volunteer for 20 hours at any organization or institution of our liking. After carefully looking at possible great places that I could work in, Technology Solutions was most appealing and because of my love for technology I could not look any further. The organization is a network consisting of caring and creative people. They are dedicated to impacting a difference by supporting, connecting and meaningfully empowering others. The organization gets its funds from well-wishers, donations and also the company’s profitable dealings.

As an educator, my personal learning goals for the service-learning and also personal growth included: better problem-solving skills, embracing teamwork, improving communication and also avoiding bias in learning and dealing with students

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However, I do not by any chance disregard the significance of lectures, but notably, out-of-classroom element of learning has made me apply the classroom theory to applicable situations. I would advice and recommend other students to seek voluntary services at the organization. This is  because it is rich with experiences meaningful for practical interaction at the grassroots level.

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