My Life after High School

My Life after High School

My Life after High School.

My Life after High School: At the outset, it is worth the mention that high school was not only fun for me, but it also instilled focus in life for me as an individual. The various lessons I learnt both from my teachers and my schoolmates would influence most of my decisions in future.

Those years of my life mark a time that I will never forget regardless of the challenges I may have faced. The year 2007 finally came and brought with it the time for my graduation.

Now was my time to be on the spotlight, stand beside my colleagues and shout at the success achieved within the past four years: the friendships, the educational knowledge, and the immeasurable experience.

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deny me the opportunity and this also influenced my family into agreeing to the idea. Back to my line of education, I started with a diploma in Information Systems at a local college, which then set grounds for the completion of my degree.

With full support from my family, I enrolled at one of the best local universities for a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. As a part-time manager and fulltime student, I successfully hit two birds with one stone as I became more professional a work and graduated amongst the top students in my class.

As a stepping stone, my success so far earned me the long awaited prospect to fulfill my most important objective, further education in the United States as soon as I was ready for the new experience.

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