My Instructor Patricia Coats

My Instructor Patricia Coats

My Instructor Patricia Coats

Pat Coats is an exemplary instructor I have looked upon since I first got to the school. She has been and is an admirable instructor ever since I joined the school. I had a meeting with her on the 20th October 2014 where we discussed so many things about my school and experience. Among the many questions she asked me was how well I manage my time during the first year as a transfer student. It is a tough thing adjusting to a new school not forgetting making friends and catching up with the other students in the new school.

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She is a good instructor not only because of her intelligence, but also because I have learned a lot about Ole Miss through the First Generation class I attend every Tuesday night. The Tuesday night meeting’s purpose was to listen to the instructors critique and guidance on work ethics in the First Generation class.

I find the First Generation class challenging but rewarding at the same time because I can get a detailed understanding of Ole Miss. I did not know what to expect the first time I got into the class but the experience is enlightening.  I enjoy learning from Miss Coats and I look forward to increasing my knowledge for the benefit of my academics and social work career.

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