My friends who works at an apple plant

My friends who works at an apple plant

My friends who works at an apple plant:In the course of finishing college, my friend Mike has taken many jobs that he would rather forget. He has spent ten hours per day lifting heavy automobile batteries in companies. He has I have risked the loss fingers and eyes working in a textile factory and others.. But none of these jobs was as frightful as his current job in an apple plant. The work is physically hard, and salary is very low, and, above all, the working conditions were dismal.

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Thirdly what upset him in his apple plant job plant are the dismal working conditions. Their solemn supervisor cares only about his production record for every night and attempts to keep the assembly line moving at a quick pace.

My friend promises me he plans on working for six months because he hates the poor money, difficulty of the work, and the dismal working conditions because he hates his job.

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