My Favorite Place

My Favorite Place

My Favorite Place.

My Favorite Place: This may turn out to be a surprise to many, as well as a consolation to others who thought their liking made them the perfect definition for weirdoes. This is because the majority of people today perceive exteriors to be the best places to relax, hang out with friends, and such activities.

Well, my favorite place is my bedroom. The walls are well colored with a blend of several colors that not only make the idea original, but the view outstanding in its own distinction. It is well furnishe and everything I would need if I woke up to find myself on earth is in there.

Most times after school I head straight to my room because the atmosphere in there simply gives me solace regardless of my present state, whether happy, sad, tired, bored

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Most importantly, it is the place where I will rush to after having an argument with my parents and be alone without necessarily having to open the door for anyone.

The presence of my collections since I was a child continually mark the different ages in my life thus serving as lifelong recordings of my past. Through good and bad my room has always been there awaiting for my arrival warmly.

It never shows emotions even when am angry and I smash things on its walls or even hit it. This is only a small proportion of the reasons as to why my room is my most favorite place in this world.

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