My Cultural Experience

My Cultural Experience

My Cultural Experience

The culture that I attended on November 1, 2014 was the India festival held in Memphis, TN.  The country is located in the Asian South continent surrounded by other West nations like Pakistan, china and Bhutan in the north east and Burma in the west, Nepal in the North Eastern part. I was so excited before attending the event since I have worked close with the India culture. I worked at Bombay hair salon for two years as a hairstylist. I experienced seeing how the women had to be in a closed offsetting before you could do anything to their hair.

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I received a henna tattoo which they called “mehndi.”At the simplest form, henna is a paste that is made out of twigs and crushed leaves of the henna plant (Kumar, 2005). The paste leaves orange to dark brown stain and fades away from 7 to 14 days. The longevity of the tattoo color depends on different factors like the part of the body, how frequently the part of the body is exposed to water, the exfoliation rate and the degree of care taken while the paste was still on the skin.

Boulanger, C (1997) Saris: An Illustrated Guide to the Indian Art of Draping, Shakti Press International, New York.

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