Music in Advertising

Music in Advertising

Music in Advertising

The world today is full of music. It is all around us. While music that we hear today changes over time, music remains a constant in life. We listen to music in cars as we go to work, at the background in office, at the stores where we do shopping, in the elevators, at the gym, during breaks in television programs, and many more places we go (Wharton, 2013). Due to the astronomical amount of music surrounding us in our day-to-day lives, several companies have resorted to use music as a median to advertise their products and services.

Advertising is a means through which a party attempts to entice or convince another to purchase a particular service or product. Advertising is different from one-on-one sales pitch that a person may encounter at sales point in that it reaches a vast and more general audience (Wharton, 2013). Every business counts on advertising to stay in the market. It is instrumental to business success.

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This also created a lasting memory of the product and its name to the consumers. Evidence shows that consumers favor and respond positively to products that show, have some degree of familiarity or recognition (Hoyer & MacInnis, 2008). This is one of the peculiarities of audition and cognition of human beings. Music tends to linger such recognition and familiarity in the mind of the listeners. In fact, such lingering by music may take place even when human mind is not willing to host.

Therefore, the association of music with the product or service identity may aid product or service recall substantially. Despite the huge human visual orientation, visual images and photographs do not infect consciousness in human beings the same way that music, melodies does (Beall, 2004). Therefore, music in advertising stands out among all other forms of advertising.

Attrep, K. A., & University of California, Santa Barbara. (2008). The sonic inscription of identity: Music, race, and nostalgia in advertising. Santa Barbara, Calif.: University of California, Santa Barbara.

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