Music and its Influence in a group

Music and its Influence in a group

Music and its Influence in a group

Amnesty International, is an established NGO, started in 1961, after ‘The Observer’ published an article provoking attention on human rights. It centers on human rights with more than three million affiliates and diverse supporters globally. The organizations goals are mainly to carry out studies and give action to avert and stop human rights exploitation, and also demanding justice for the vulnerable and violated groups and individuals.

By 1980, the organization drew more condemnation from authorities and governments. For instance the USSR strongly claimed the NGO conducted espionage, Argentine banned the organization from the country, and also the Moroccan government claimed it to obstruct justice by defending criminals (In Rojas & In Eades, 2013).

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Rock music which was comprised of dark messages and bondage themes, allowed for a change in perceptions of the norms that characterized it, and portrayed it as a tool to demand social justice. The identity has maintained even in this decade, and it is very relevant in advocating human rights or social justice in all the regions of the world.

Music has proved to be an effective tool of achieving an agenda. Amnesty International has gained it global reputation because of employing music in its strategy of achieving its agenda.

Hopgood, S. (2006). Keepers of the flame: Understanding Amnesty International. Ithaca, N.Y: Cornell University Press.

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