Murder and Crime

Murder and Crime

Murder and Crime

The Tell-Tale Heart is a book that was published in 1843 and authored by Edgar Allan Poe. The narrator is a murderer who tries to convince the audience that he is sane through a murder crime that he committed on an elderly man who had a “vulture-eye” as the narrator referred it. The crime is well planned and after the crime, he hides the body under the floorboards.

This story discusses several themes; for example revenge, guilt, torture and confession. I am supposed to choose one of the topics or themes covered in this book and has to relate to murder and crime. I will describe the topic that I choose in this detail in this paper. This will be done through describing what guilt, describing what causes it, its consequences and how one may overcome and solve the feeling of guilt.

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So as to overcome this feeling of guilt, one may consider accepting the fact that you did the action and time cannot be taken back and re-do while correcting what you did wrong.  One has to accept the act, apologize and ask for forgiveness from the parties they may have wronged. Others may deal with this by talking it out to a psychologist or friend and offered advice.

Guilt as we have described is a feeling and every human being is subject to have feelings. Hence, feeling guilty is normal while not feeling guilty after doing wrong or committing a crime might not be normal and is indicative of a psychological disorder.

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