Multiculturalism: To start with, multicultural education refers to the active participation of students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds in one institution for the sole purpose of learning.

Unremitting advancements and free movements, even across continents, for diverse reasons contribute to the development of the present day multicultural educational institutions. The idea of studying in a multicultural institution seeks to integrate dissimilar cultures into one especially, through people’s movement from their cultural backgrounds into host cultures.

The education system portrays incessant change with the rapid proliferation of multiculturalism particularly with regard to curriculum and instruction. This is best demonstrated by the new advancement namely distant learning.

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In the end, this contributes to mental suppression and poor performance of such students. However, with embracement of multicultural education, all students feel valued and appreciated by the present environment and this fosters equality in the respective institutions.

For this reason, educational facilities such as universities in most cases tend to survive even in hostile environments hence promoting unity and understanding between the students as the grow.

Therefore, a mutual understanding and appreciation of diversity fosters a systematic and enduring elimination of ethnic superiority or minority accordingly. In addition, multicultural educational curriculums facilitate the creation of interrelation within the class, the school and the society.

Presently, classes are the most obvious places where anyone will find the highest numbers of students all from different ethnic backgrounds, but gathered with a mutual intent.


Faas, D. (2010). Negotiating political identities: Multiethnic schools and youth in Europe. Ashgate Publishing.

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