Multiculturalism in the Contexts of Curriculum and Instruction

Multiculturalism in the Contexts of Curriculum and Instruction

Multiculturalism in the Contexts of Curriculum and Instruction.

Multiculturalism in the Contexts of Curriculum and Instruction: It has been observed that multiculturalism is one of the factors that affect education. It is eminent that everyone needs education, and for this reason, the schools acts as centers where people from diverse backgrounds and cultures meet.

It is worth noting that the education system has to be well adapte to accommodate the different cultures of the students (Mckay). This paper will explore how the education system has responded to the surge of multiculturalism interns of curriculum and education.

At first, the education system has established multicultural programs which have incorporated a variety of perspectives which have enabled the educators to address issues that seem to be underrepresented in the society.

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bias among others and how they can affect the society. This curriculum enables the students to be more sensitive and they are likely to respect the social differences that exist among them (Mckay). On the side of instructions, the educators have incorporated people with disabilities where they learn the same materials but with specialized care.

This has promoted equality.Educators have also changed their lesson plans so as to incorporate features that would promote multiculturalism. For example, the lesson plans may include discussion sessions on how to address social issues such as discussions.

On the other hand, educators have tried to recognize important cultural events in different cultures. This enables the students to understand that the society is build from multiple perspectives (Mckay).


Mckay, D. O. (n.d.). Diversity:understanding and Teaching Diverse Students.

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