Multicultural family counselling

Multicultural family counselling

Multicultural family counselling

Multicultural counseling occurs when a client and counselor are from different cultural groups and holds differing opinions, values and beliefs in life. The articles explored below, reveals that momentous demographic changes are happening everywhere from the family to the work places, therefore, concluding that, multiculturalism is becoming progressively more important.

Counselors are advised to be nonpartisan and detach any preconceived cultural generalization and stereotypes in their profession so that they can achieve success in dealing with multicultural populations. Counselors integrate training and education as a pedagogical framework to incorporate diversity in their line of work.

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The article investigates the significance of the education in changing the counselors, mental health trainers and clinician’s educators’ worldviews. It describes worldview as the way an individual establish and settle upon their perceptions of the world around them. Practicing counselors and counseling students according to the article must learn the realities and likelihood of other people’s’ worldviews.

The article defines refugees and immigrant’s worldview, and how they came to the realization. It agrees that this particular kind of groups is the most vulnerable and due to their diverse     nature multicultural integration should be enforced.

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