Mozart also referred to as Johannes Wolfgang Theophilus was indeed arguably the most gifted composer in the history of classical musicians and music in general. Mozart was a music composer and as stated he is among the greatest musicians or artists of his time. Born in Austria at 1756, he is remembered as a child who began writing and played music at the age of four years only (Waldoff, J. P, 2006, p.13).

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Mozart’s years later in Vienna at the ages of twenty-five to his saddened death at thirty-five, covered one of the most amazing and greatest developments in music at such a short span. In those ten years, Mozart’s music was rapidly accepted and acknowledged beyond the realm of numerous of his contemporaries where it exhibited both methods and ideas of elaboration that only a few could match or follow.

Waldoff, J. P. (2006). Recognition in Mozart’s operas. Oxford University Press, USA.

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