Motivation or Emotions

Motivation or Emotions

Motivation or Emotions

For the purpose of this paper, we shall define motivation as the reasons behind the actions that individuals carry out. Motivation is usually the inspiration behind individuals’ actions. When individuals feel motivated towards a certain goal, they are bound to be strong willed in achieving it.

For instance, rewards are some of the means through which authoritative platforms utilize. This is to ensure they derive high motivation levels among their followers. The high motivation in turn contributes to high productivity among the individual or group of individuals that the platform wants to achieve high results from. Therefore, the higher the motivation levels, the higher the performance is likely to be, and the lower the motivation levels, the lower the performance is expected to be. Different individuals are inspired and motivated by different parameters. Hence, it is important to study an area of motivation because of the big positive impact that it has on individuals’ performance.

In addition, according to a past respected guru in the field of psychology; Abraham Maslow; there are various levels of motivation. Once one achieves a goal in a certain level, they move to another level in a hierarchical system.

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In conclusion, according to Mirela and Salanta, Irina Iulia (2013), there is a need to establish the difference between emotions and motivations. Therefore, establishing of a difference between the two parameters will contribute to a better understanding of different employees.

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