Motivation Models MGMT 499

Motivation Models MGMT 499

Motivation Models MGMT 499

Most people who have made it and become successful in all activities that they are involved in have a motivating factor that directs them to achieve their goal in life. Motivation empowers an individual to work hard in all activities that they are involved. There are several models that have been used to explain the origin and factors that motivate an individual to undertake the task.

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Hygiene theory are proposed theories that explain motivational factors that can be used to illustrate the driving factors among people who have accomplished more in life.There are several differences between Maslow’s and Herzberg’s model of motivation. Secondly, Maslow’s theory is descriptive and is developed from the needs of human needs, while Hertzberg is more prescriptive, suggesting that factors of motivation can be used effectively. Finally, Maslow’s theory argue that any human need is a motivator if it is yet to be satisfied. On the other hand, Hertzberg argues that advanced needs motivates an individual (Herzberg, 2005, p. 61).

Herzberg, F. (2005). Motivation-hygiene theory. Chair in human resources at the State University of New York–Buffalo and was faculty director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership there. Previously he was Research Professor of Management at Georgia State University. He has written over fifty books and over 135 other publications. 61.

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