Motivates of Crusade

Motivates of Crusade

Motivates of Crusade

The “Crusades” is a term used to explain eight wars that were fought by Europeans in with a motive of liberating the Holy territory from the Muslims between the 11 and 16 centuries BC. They were generally but not all subjected in opposition to Muslims in the east. The Crusades were campaigns piloted by the Catholic Church. The crusades happened in the Holy Land which was taken over by the Muslims. The Catholic Church advocated the Catholic states in Europe to drive crusade armies in recapturing the Holy Land from the Muslims.

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The Jihad Islamic teaching found in the Hadith states: “If the infidels upon getting the Islamic call neither approve to it nor agree to pay tax, it is upon the Moslems to call upon God for help and to wedge war upon them, since God is the destroyer of His enemies, the infidels, the Prophet, additionally, commands us to do so.” When the Muslims saw how the Crusaders carrying out these actions against their colleagues, how could they not interpret the Crusaders’ actions as being the European version of Jihad?  Therefore medieval Muslims also saw religious motives behind the First Crusade.

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