Mothers working outside their home

Mothers working outside their home

Mothers working outside their home

One of the greatest fear of the contemporary mother in the US is coming home after a long, tedious day at work only to find out that her child hardly recognizes her. Such a situation will definitely break her heart and force her into tears of pain and anguish. I once watched in the National Geographic a lioness fight a huge, fierce male lion just to protect her cubs. This event provided an insight of how strong the mother-child relationship is, and it is no different in the case of humans. We have our mothers to thank for the mere existence of the human race since they have done everything within as well as outside their power to nurture and protect us. In the past, mothers had to remain at home and take care of the family especially the children.

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The benefits and demerits have been discussed on the basis of effects towards the mother, the child and the family at large. Much of the evidence investigated points out that mothers working outside home is more advantageous both to the mother, the child and the family. This is because; the mother can achieve her career goals, the family is more financially stable and the child grows and develops faster and better. However, the detrimental effect to the child majorly relies on the time-frame between when the mother gives birth and when she goes back to work. It, therefore, seems reasonable to conclude that mothers working from home are more beneficial than detrimental.

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