Moro Islamic resistance in the Philippines

Moro Islamic resistance in the Philippines

Moro Islamic resistance in the Philippines

According to the international relations constructivism perspective, the significant features that define international relations are not as a result of the inevitable nature of world politics and human nature. Instead, the perspective credits social and historical factors with constructing the prevailing major aspects of international relations (Wendt, 1992). From a constructivist point of view, the events that now define the international relations of the Philippines are not caused by inevitable patterns of world politics or by human nature. Instead they have been constructed over time by historical and social occurrences that have shaped the current situation (Wendt, 1992).

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The Moro people have resisted all these powers setting the tone for how they and the Philippines related with other actors internationally.  The other theories identify inescapable constructs that they posit eventually determine the course and structure of all international relations (Fosnot, 2013). However the theory of constructivism refuted these notions, stating that all relations between international players are determined by prior social precedent and history.

This is shown well by the situation of the Moro people who have remained sidelined in the development and integration into Philippine mainstream society due to historical factors (Arnold, 201). Those factors then help to forge a common ideology for the people unifying them and influencing the way that they interact with others.

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