Mood and food preferences

Mood and food preferences

Mood and food preferences.

Mood and food preferences: Food and mood have been found out to have a common relationship in people where they affect each other. Many experiments have been conducted to find out the relationship that they have where there have been findings that the food we eat can have diverse effects on our mood and on the other hand, the mood of an individual can have an effect on their choice of food.

The various articles we look in to all entail of experiments conducted to look into the subject. It has been noted by the layman that there are groupings of people who have certain food preferences according to their changes in moods.

This led to scientists and psychologists to take a keen interest in the extensive research for the purpose of accurate findings that could be relied on for knowledge purposes.

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In the second experiment, anxiety was factored in to test whether low attention to emotion would lead to increased eating. It was found that the women who paid less attention to emotion had the highest consumption of calories.

This led to the conclusion that lower emotional awareness led to the consumption of sweet foods that were high in calories, thus proving the existence of the relationship between emotional awareness and eating habits. (Alice Moon, 2009)

In general all the articles and experiments all contribute positively to the thesis that. Food and mood indeed have a huge relationship that can be prove in the form of data.


Alice Moon, H. B. (2009). Emotional awareness and emotional eating. Cognition and emotion .

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