Monstrous behavior and the Cultural moment

Monstrous behavior and the Cultural moment

Monstrous behavior and the Cultural moment.

Monstrous behavior and the Cultural moment: A cultural moment refers to a period in time where there is general unrest and dissatisfaction and people are force to act in a manner that is totally different from how they would normally behave.

Such moments are triggere by factors that could either be religious, economic, political and social (Poole, 2011). This ends in the creation of a monster and irresponsible behavior towards him amongst the general population.

Of  the different monsters that have exist through time, the ones whose circumstances closely mirror that of Osama bin Laden would be the Witches from Salem, where differences in religious beliefs brought about death due to acts of extremism.

The supernatural has been an essential part of man’s existence throughout history. Witchcraft was common especially.

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Those who confesse to being witches were given light punishments, whereas those who demande their rights to trial were in most cases sentence to painful death.

Monstrous behavior becomes apparent in this time when religion is use as a weapon. To destroy a small group of women allege to be witches. Women whose activities are seen as immoral. Normal behavior would usually have been a show of more tolerance by the religious leaders. But they have their own agenda. In the end, nineteen suspecte witches are kille and one man is press under stones for refusing to take a plea.


Poole, W.S. (2011). Monsters in America: Our Historical Obsession with the Hideous and       Haunting. Waco, Tx. Baylor University Press,.

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