Money Markets

Money Markets

Money Markets

The study tries to research the economic situation and money market in Nigeria, its policy’s effectiveness and how it is used. A well-established money market proves to be vital for the contemporary economy. Though, traditionally, money markets established as an outcome of commercial and industrial advancement, it also carries imperative roles in the industrialization process and economic expansion of a state. The significance of an effective money market includes; profitable investments, financial industry, central bank aid and commercial banks that are independent and self-sufficient (NOTERMANS, 2006).

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The study tries to explore the effectiveness of policies and instruments of money market in Nigerian economic stabilization, though the extent of the research focuses mostly on the workability of the country’s money markets and good policies. It is expected that the examination of this area will offer an expansive outlook of money market rates, policies and market liquidity, in Nigeria’s economic stabilization. It also establishes the rational for effective policies in economic growth and the dynamics involved in liquid markets.

NOTERMANS, T. (2006). Money, markets, and the state: social democratic economic policies since 1918. Cambridge, UK, Cambridge University Press.
SANUSI, J. O. (2001). The Nigerian economy: growth, productivity and the role of monetary policy. Ibadan, Nigeria, Development Policy Centre.

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