Modernization of American Sports

Modernization of American Sports

Modernization of American Sports.

Modernization of American Sports: In many ways, sports formed the basis for shaping the American society. Historians have often used the term modernization to explain these transformations.

Modernization is a word mostly employed in the area of social sciences meaning the structural changes that took place between the period of moving from underdevelopment to development such as from unorganized economies to organize international markets, from the kinship system of government for the current democratic structures, and from trips to the States.

The growth of American sports has been described as phase of globalization of our society. Sports today are very different from those in 1870s or during the ancient times.

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thus the emergence of modern professionalism in almost or types of sports (Pankey 1). In 1871, NABBP was transformed to include “Association Of professional Base Ball players” (NAPBBP). Reveling the modernization of American sports from amateur status to professionalism.

Football followed the steps of baseball in an effort to enter the status of professionalism, although it faced much opposition from college coaches. The reason behind this opposition was due to the perception that professionalism would kill collegiate programs as football was recognize as the key sport in the collegiate programs.

Tennis and golf, as for a long time been considere as a selective sport because of their environment of play and for the reason that they have been more popular with white players.

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