Modernization of American navy and weapons

Modernization of American navy and weapons

Modernization of American navy and weapons.

Modernization of American navy and weapons: The United States nations maintain the strongest navy in the world today. However, this was not the case in the 1800s when the navy failed to adopt modern weapons.

Although the nation had gone a lengthy period of instability after a series of wars, the role of the nation’s navy was still underestimated (Kaufman, 2010). The nation had entered an era of dynamic where it felt a sense of nationalism and thus, concentrated with national policy as opposed to foreign policy.

However, as the era of imperialism took over, the American navy was assigned a new mission, which was aimed at preventing possible penetration of the westerners into the country.

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The Spanish- American war also helped a lot in redefining the role of navy in the nation (Hearn, 2007). The Spanish-American war spurred modernization of weapons used by the US navy.

The ships, which were once substandard, were later on replaced with greater ships to win over Spanish ones. Other battle ships were repaire including placing new machinery such as rapid firing guns and new battery. Rapid fire gun boats that destroyed the Spanish boats were also purchase

The American government ensured that the best weapons necessary to fight the Spanish were purchase and built to win the war. The desire to win the American Spanish war is one the facilitators of American navy revolution, which persists to date (Graves, 2000).


Graves, K. A. (2000). The Spanish-American War. Mankato, Minn: Capstone Books.

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